As well as being a fantastic marquee company, we also specialise in event production and design. We provide comprehensive event solutions for festivals, corporate and public events, conferences, private parties and special occasions. We can turn any space into a functional, safe and comfortable venue.

We can help you create an event to remember with our event production and management services


With an ever-growing demand for comprehensive and creative event solutions, Intents Events strives to continually push the boundaries to create the extraordinary. In order to stay ahead in the events industry you require a big creative vision with an even bigger passion for curating unique and unforgettable experiences. When working with Intents Events you can be confident that we are committed to deliver you the best possible solution. We can assist you with comprehensive event solutions such as production planning and event management services. 

Our extensive experience in event design and production is what makes us the best.


All of our structures are of the highest quality and have be engineered to endure all of New Zealand’s vast weather conditions.

  • Marquees, Truss, Stands, Stages and Containers
  • Custom Structures: Floor/Site plans, Custom builds to your budget
  • Customisable Features: Clear roof sections, rigging clamps, structural walls, gutters and other structures

Logistics and Site Support

No matter the site, we can provide you with project management services. Our team will take control of all ongoing processes and ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • Transport and Sourcing
  • Site and Supplier Arrangement
  • Storage, Repair and Maintenance

Event Design

Here at Intents Events we know how important production design is for producing an unforgettable event. We can design and execute your ideas step by step.

  • Indoor and outdoor landscaping
  • Indoor and outdoor flooring
  • Structure and site Cladding
  • Archways, entrances and feature pieces
  • Hanging, mounting and securing of signage and branding

CNC Cutting

We have access to the best high end construction technologies and can manufacture anything you desire for your event. This could be used for branding, thumbing and styling purposes

  • In-house Design and CNC cutting
  • From high end materials to affordable stock
  • A wide range of materials: Wood (including laminates), metal, mirrors, acrylic, plastics and more
  • Signage, display units, stands, bars, stages, walls and anything that can be designed and built in a kit-set or modular fashion
  • Existing designs, new designs and structural and technical expertise
  • In-house CNC stencil for branding purposes

Custom Lights

The Intents Events team are able to bring any ideas to life. Whether your require illuminated objects or modern lighting solutions, we are able to implement them in the whole event production process.

  • Wiring, mounting, fitting in new builds or modifying existing products
  • Sourcing and installation
  • Styling and activation support

Paint, Dyes and Stains

We can develop a holistic branding strategy for your business and manufacture all required items

  • From automotive and container paints and plastic dyes
  • Style specific applications: aged, distressed or premium
  • Use and location specific applications: Outdoor/Indoors and One-off use/Semi-Permanent and Permanent


Call us now and together we will make your event incredible!


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